AT&T Accepting One Time Replacement for Galaxy S4 Active

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samsung galaxy s4 active water damage replacement

Samsunga??s Galaxy S4 Active is an impressive smartphone with dustproof and water resistant features. This is another famous version of the companya??s flagship handset, the GS4. Although this particular device adheres to IP67 standards, yet Samsung has refused to honor its warranty if shows water damage signs.

It surely sounds very bad and also the customers will not accept this. Actually, this negligence or irresponsibility will severely dilute the companya??s goodwill. According to the manufacturer, they have never advertised the product as waterproof. Instead, they always called it water resistant. So the water may still get inside the smartphone after a few minutes of submerging.

On the other hand, we have seen a number of videos showing waterproof tests. People have used this device under water to take pictures and capture videos. One major thing that causes it to be water friendly is the removable back cover. Non-removable battery is also another main reason for the water vulnerability. However, despite these clarifications given by the Korean giant, the device is showing positive results even under deep water.

People have used the phone in pools and enjoyed taking quality snapshots without getting worried about the water damage. When Galaxy S4 Active was first launched, we thought it could be a water repellent extension to Samsunga??s flagship product. Well, now the situation has been changed as company provoked its users by stating that they are not responsible for the water damage issues.

Good News!

AT&T has shown optimistic attitude toward this issue and the carrier is accepting one time replacement for the water-damage Galaxy S4 Active units. So the AT&T users may take pleasure in enjoying the freedom of using this device without any concerns as their network carrier is responsible for one time replacement.

Samsung should learn from this particular carrier because AT&T has adopted a customer friendly approach in this regard.

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