Asus Nexus 10 Leaks Again, Release Could Be Near

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ASUS Nexus 10 to come soon

ASUS Nexus 10 is going to be one of the most wonderful devices that we ever came across. We have been hearing about this gadget for many last weeks. However, now it seems that the device is going to be released soon. Another render of the Nexus 10 has been leaked on the internet and hints toward the imminent release of this particular big thing.

Previous Nexus devices have served users in the best way and thata??s the reason why they are still mesmerized by the features. If you remember, many alleged images of Nexus 7 also leaked ahead of its official announcement. This time we are expecting a bit more from Google because users wish to see some innovative and stimulating features in the upcoming ASUS Nexus 10.

ASUS Nexus 10 leaked Again

You might become irritated because of these leaks popping out every second day. The device has a price of A?350 in the UK and this was disclosed by the PC World computer system. However, no official release date was provided by the source. Today we have got good news for you guys.

Today @evleaks comes up confirming those rumors of ASUS Nexus 10 and portrays an image approving the existence of this particular tablet. The tablet appears with its official name a??Google ASUS Nexus 10a??. So the day is not too far from now when it will be officially available all around the world.

It is being said that the 10-inch tablet will be announced along with the upcoming Nexus 5 handset. Although there is no authentic release date available right now, yet some sources point out toward 14th of October. Press invites are still to be sent out which means it would appear officially a few weeks later than the assumed date.

Keep checking back our news blog to get more info about the ASUS Nexus 10.

Source: @Evleaks


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