Apple Launches Apps on Google Play Store, Scam?

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apple appsGoogle Play store is known for having thousands of useful and quality apps. These applications can be suitable both for iOS and Android based devices. Recently, we heard that Apple has added some wonderful apps to the Google Play Store.

“Well, these newly added Apple Apps might not be more than a scam.”

Most of the people using Smart phones and tablets start heading toward new apps without knowing about their reality and this can be unfavorable most of the times. Don’t forget to check out the authenticity of any news before starting believing in it.

“Someone has said that Apple has uploaded a wonderful series of famous iWork and iLife applications on the Google Play Store.”

The apps include:

  • Keynote
  • Garage Band
  • IMovie
  • iPhoto
  • Numbers and Pages

“The most unbelievable thing about this issue is that all of above-mentioned apps released without any announcement from the Apple Inc. “

Due to this reason, we are a little bit reluctant to admit that the apps were actually released by Apple. As all of us know, Apple never forgets to make dazzling announcements whenever they tend to release anything new in the market.

How can they forget this time?

This is indigestible for most of the users. Believe it or not, this seems a well-elaborated scam. So, you should stop heading toward downloading any of these apps as it may be adverse. Always prefer to get reliable applications that are released from the reputed manufacturers.

The recent announcement regarding the Apple App release almost looks like original and genuine but, not indeed. When you see the apps, it seems as they are officially released from  Apple. However, there is no specific proof that the applications are purely launched by the Apple.

How many of you have found these so-called Apple Apps a scam?

Please let us know by leaving your precious comments below.


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