Angry Birds Star Wars Now Updated With Fresh Planet & Gameplay

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angry birds star wars is now updated with full entertainment rich 20 levels

Angry Birds star wars has proven its real worth after launching on the Google Play Store. Millions of users from all around the globe are enjoying this tremendously fantastic game on their Smartphones and tablets.

a??Angry Birds Star wars have got a new planet and stream gameplay mechanics to make it more interesting.a??

According to the recent reports, the game has been updated with a new planet that contains 20 entertainment rich levels. The hottest update also brings a fresh steam-based gameplay procedure to have an unleashed fun with crazy birds.

The upgraded Angry birds star wars will bring a lot of enthusiasm to your gaming life. You will have the ability to unlock new enchanting levels and missions by searching for the 5 rocket packs. They are actually hidden across the levels and need a hectic search to be unveiled.

This lovely game is available on both, iOS and Android. So the users of both mobile operating systems can play the new levels without any trouble. The app is absolutely free and you can grab it anytime. However, make sure you have necessary space to download and install this game.

Developers are aimed to make more additions in order to fill it with fun. We are keeping our eyes on new updates and will definitely let you know if there is anything new and interesting with Angry birds.

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