Andy Rubin Steps Down, Sundar Pichai Takes On as Android Chief

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Googlea??s android is the worlda??s leading mobile operating system all around the world. Most of the cell phone users are now switching to this particular mobile OS because they like to stick to its lovely features.

Andy Rubin, the former Android chief has now stepped down and the new man Sundar Pichai is ready to take on.

The news has been announced by the Googlea??s CEO, Larry Page, on the corporate blog of the company. People have different opinions regarding this new change. However, the company seems to be completely satisfied with the the new Chief.

You must remember that Android is now holding a major part of Googlea??s worth. Thata??s the reason why the news is getting a huge hype these days.

We tried our level best to know about the genuine reason behind this, however, the company has not disclosed anything in this regard. We can assume that the major reason behind this modification could be the internal conflicts among the companya??s employees and management.

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It is being said that Andy Rubin is going to undertake a fresh project at Google, but no information has been revealed about the new project.

The reason for leave isn’t disclosed, as Page remains mum on the matter. Andy Rubin will undertake a new project at Google, which too isn’t yet known. Sundar Pichai, the new Android Chief, has been so far overseeing the Chrome and Apps project will take command of Android.

The apps and Google chrome, that Pichai is leading, consists the operating system and chrome browser, Docs, Gmail, Drive, Calendar, etc. He will handle these duties along with a complete charge of Android.

Rubin has done a good job at Google and leaving the company at a good position. Android has carried to Google more than 60 manufacturers and found on over 750 million devices, along with almost 900,000 devices activated every day.

Are you satisfied with Android Chief selection?



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