Android OS Considered Hotter than iOS

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Android OS

Nowadays everyone is talking about the Android and iOS because these are two major mobile operating systems known at present. There are numerous important factors that distinguish Android OS from iOS and here I am going to discuss some of them.

Want to know about the reason behind overnight success of the Android OS?

One thing that you must not slip from your mind is that we are in favor of Android. Why should not we? It’s all about Android after all. The present era is getting crazy about the hot and spectacular features of Android operating system.

If you also want to become a great tech user, then you need to analyze the Android power. Knowing about the popularity of a specific thing is not very easy as it requires a great hard work. Well, this hard work is just done by the Biginsight.

A recently done research shows fantastic and astonishing results and it was about the prestige of mobile operating systems. This survey shows most accurate results because all the important measures were taken before conducting this research.

The consumers were asked if the Android’s OS or Apple’s iOS is “hot” or “not.” Below is the graph that can easily elaborate the quick success of Android OS.


After analyzing and comparing the results of both mobile operating systems, you can definitely come to know that Android is something bigger than iOS. That’s what I was looking for as me too is an Android user.

“Android’s hot percentage is far better than iOS.”

Due to this reason, people are getting enthusiastic about the Android features and functions. Google’s android release the version updates time to time and this is pretty interesting for the users.

Wait, you can check out the comparison among both Apple’s iOS and Android OS by having a bird’s eye view of the following graphical representation.




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