Android Marketshare Is Now 70 Percent in Global Smartphone Market

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Android vs Apple, gets 70 percent of the global marketshare

Over the past few years, Android has significantly dominated the Applea??s iOS with great swiftness. Googlea??s mobile operating system is grabbing most of the share from the worlda??s Smartphone market.

According to a strategic analytics report,

a??152.1 million Gorgeous android Smartphones were shipped in the last quarter of 2012 alone.a??

It means that the 70% of the global Smartphone OS market is dominated by the Android operating system. This is an exotic achievement for Googlea??s Android because no other OS has done this before. These facts must be shocking for all of us.

Back in the last quarter of 2011, about 80.6 million android devices were shipped. After that, growth rate kept on rising with every single passing day and now it has been reached to 70 percent.

“The report says that around 479 million android based devices were shipped in the last year.”

However, the quantity was 239 million in the year 2011. Well, the popularity rate of Googlea??s OS has grown dramatically in the different markets of the world.

I think the above-mentioned stats can give a better answer to Applea??s iOS. Despite of several efforts, Apple could not succeed in bringing the Android down. One is for sure that the latter is serving the users in a flawless way and can defeat any other rival very easily.

This spectacular increase in the Android marketshare tells the real story and has exposed everything that the Apple tried to conceal. Critics are quite hopeful for the future progress of this mega mobile operating system. Nevertheless, iOS might not slow down its efforts to degrade the rivals.

During the last few years, Samsung has been proved a wonderful Android companion. In spite of critical situations, they have made a commendable contribution to Googlea??s stunning mobile operating system.

We are enthusiastic to watch over Android marketshare till the end of 2013.


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