Android Build System Getting Easier – To Replace, Unify Eclipse’s ADT and ANT

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The developers of Google are working on more powerful android build system for its users. Now the developers want to create a unique and influential android build system.

Now on the project on which the development team of Google is working is known as “New Android Build System” this is look like a device that aims to put back, unite, and construct upon new functions of Eclipse’s ADT and Ant android build systems.

Now this new android build system is in its initial process to build and need more time to get its full shape. Now it has reached just 0.1 and this is not able to build ships-able apps, however it is looking useful as compared to other.

Android Build System Source Code is Available for Developers

This new development system is based on gradle, which is able to bills “build automation evolved,” as well as it has the capability to combine “the power and flexibility of Ant with the dependency management and conventions of Maven into a more effective way to build.”

Now the big company, Google is trying to motivate to their developers “send feedback, lots of it,” as well as the scheme is developed completely in AOSP, meaning developers of this android build System will be able to get source code and make their own assistance.

There are small projects available and the Android developers can download these projects that make obvious some of the new system’s abilities. Now after this New Android Build System the work of developers will make easier and reliable as there are many new features has been added by Google in shape of easy source codes.


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