2013 Mobile Awards – GSMA Announced Winners of the Year

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Myriad fantastic devices were launched in the beginning of the current year. Technological companies are competing with each other in order to win the first place.

GSMA has just declared the winners of 18th ceremony of the Annual Global Mobile Awards. It was held at the Mobile World Congress in Spain, Barcelona.

All the winners felt a pleasure to be honored by David Williams, comedian and actor, at the 2013 Mobile Awards. This afternoon ceremony proved very fortunate for the winners because they got special awards for specific categories.

Williams added a comic taste in the introduction ceremony. Some other prominent personalities from the technological world made an appearance on the stage along with David Williams. They joined him as co-presenters to represent the awards. Some members of the judging panel were also there to encourage the winners.

Now, without diving into further details we are going to let you know about the award winners.

Best Mobile-enabled Electronic Device

a??Samsung GALAXY Cameraa??

2013 mobile awards

It is good to see that this deserving device got an award for the best mobile-enabled consumer device. The people who really want to get a perfectly-made camera along with a marvelous Smartphone should go for the Samsung GALAXY camera. This astonishing device has made an irrefutable progress after its official launch in different parts of the world. The company was happy to see its useful product as a winner at the 2013 Mobile Awards.

Best Smartphone of the Year

a??Samsung GALAXY S3a??

best smartphone of the 2013

Undoubtedly, this particular Smartphone has broken the records by dominating the entire marketplace. No other handset could be able to rule over this tremendously superb device. The phone got some useful specs and features along with a dramatic appearance.

a??Samsunga??s flagship has not won this award only, but also the hearts of Android lovers.a??

If you are one of the Samsung GALAXY S3 users, then you must agree with the above statement.

Best Consumer Mobile App


best app of the 2013

Everyone is perfectly aware of the rising social media craze. Unquestionably, Facebook is at the top of the social media apps. It is the most loved way to share ideas and opinions among friends and family. The app has launched its compatible versions for almost every Mobile Operating system including Android and iOS.

This was something special we grabbed for you out of the 2013 Mobile Awards.

To see the complete list of winners, visit globalmobileawards


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