ZTE Smartphones 2014: Five Android Phones plus a Smartwatch

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Several manufacturers plan to rock the year 2014 and that’s why they have planned a number of new devices for the upcoming events. We are excited to see newbies on the Consumers Electronic Show and Mobile World Congress.


Here we are going to talk about ZTE, a renowned manufacturer with catchy things to offer. This company has a nice plan for the New Year. Five catchy Android phones are set to be launched after regular intervals of time. Wait, this is not the end because a Smartwatch (just like Samsung and Sony) is also on the plan list and it will be known as ‘’ZTE BlueWatch”.

Appearance of ZTE phones is always stunning, no question about it. The thing is what new features they would offer to grab users’ attention. Now without diving into further details, let’s sum up the forthcoming giants!

ZTE Grand S II

This is the most anticipated phone from the manufacturer based on high-specs. Some prominent features of Grand SII include voice to phone photography, voice recognition and voice control technology.

ZTE Nubia 5S and its Mini Variant Nubia 5S Mini

Both of these smartphones are known for the blazing performance because they are based upon super-fast Quad-core Snapdragon processors.

ZTE Sonata 4G

This newbie is going to serve users with fast 4G connectivity that never lets you feel alone.

ZTE Iconic Phablet

Backed by the powerful quad core processor, the phablet features a large 5.7-inch display. So ideal for those who like having a big screen smartphone on the go.

ZTE BlueWatch

To entertain the wristwatch lovers, ZTE plans to bring a wearable Smartwatch which would work with most of the new smartphones.

You should keep your fingers crossed until the manufacturer comes up with the official announcement of any of the aforesaid devices.

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