Verizon Wireless All New HTC One Can be Exclusively Available on March 25

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Verizon Wireless All New HTC One could be coming on March 25

It was unveiled that the all new htc one is going to be available in the UK right after the producta??s official announcement. This was not that freaky for the Britains, however, those living in the US also want to know about the availability.

We have good news for Americans as a very trusted source has confirmed that the Verizon wireless all New HTC One is going to be available on 25 March at 1:00PM. This is right after the official announcement.

It hints toward the exclusive Verizon availability of the new phone which could be shocking for the other carriers as well as their fans.

What if you dona??t like Verizon? Does it mean you wona??t get the phone either?

These are the questions that put a great burden on the folks, especially American residents.

If you remember last year Verizon could not launch the brand new HTC One timely. This could be their turn to bring up the Verizon wireless all new HTC One sooner than others. The act of making the new thing available earlier might compensate the last yeara??s blunder.

As of today, the pricing is said to be $600 (Full retail). However, nothing can be said for sure about the pricing until they get this publicized through proper channel. The contract price is expected to be $199, hope so.

So are you looking for verizon wireless all new htc one?

Source: HTCSource


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