Verizon HTC One Max Image Leaks along with AT&T

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Verizon HTC One Max

HTC One Max is the bigger sibling of the HTC’s standard flagship smartphone. The device has been out and now appears under the brand name of Verizon and AT&T. This is wonderful news for those who like getting big phones with their favorite network carrier.

As far as the press images are concerned, the device looks awesome with both Verizon and AT&T. The device surely meets the expectations of its fans with a sleek and lightweight design. You won’t have to be worried about the giant body because the device offers a great portability. You can carry it around without getting concerned about any problem.


What is makes the Verizon HTC One Max the most alluring smartphone is its stylish appearance similar to the standard version. Those who are worried because of the wrong perception about new big max should not stay anxious regarding any new additions to the standard design. The device offers same gorgeous features as the standard version does, but the difference is only the addition of thumb scanner.

I have just looked at these amazing snapshots and mesmerized by their captivating appearance. If you are also looking for the Verizon HTC One Max, then the image shown here will definitely help you understand the magnificent appearance.

Here we have provided you with both selected images that you can see. Do not forget to sound off below and give your opinions on the superb device that has just been out with wonderful specs.


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