Verizon Droid X Gets an Update after a Long Time

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Verizon Motorola Droid X

Verizon Droid X is a beautiful device housing some state-of-the-art specs and features. It has been so long since this smartphone has not obtained any update, minor or major. Android users often have several grievances about their devices not being updated timely. If you are also one of the users of Googlea??s Mobile OS, then you must also have experienced the same problem.

Verizon Droid X Update

You must get shocked to know that after not touching for over 1 and a half year, now Verizon has decided to update your Verizon Droid X. It is just like a dream, but the carrier supposed to update this time without making any further mistakes. Well, it is a bit hard to believe this news because it can never look like anything reasonable. The network carrier has claimed that the Droid X will perform faster than before after getting the recently-announced update.

Those who have waited for a longer period to get an update for their Verizon Droid X can rely this time. This will not suck anything but your anger that had grown over the last 18 months. Please be informed that the update come with the edition number 45.621.10.MB810.

Please do not be surprised as this is not an update bringing Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for your smartphone. Instead, it is a security update to improve the protection circle of your Verizon Droid X. Be a little happy as at least your device is getting any improvement. It is good to see that at least someone remembers your handset even after a long a time.

The update will be hitting your Droid X at any time. So be awakened and do not let it go wasteful because it comes lastly and rightly. We would like to know how many of you are using this superb device.

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