The Oppo Finder – The World’s Slimmest Cell Phone Pounds Nail into a Board

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Most of the people want to know about the world’s most slim cell phone because they want to get unique things like this. The Oppo finder is one of the slimmest handsets available on earth nowadays. However, it may not be possible for the Oppo finder to hold the title of world’s most slim cell phone because recently leaked ZTE Athena probably beat it by only .03mm.

The Oppo Finder

The specifications of the Oppo finder are good enough to fulfill the requirements of present cell phone users. There are many great things that make the Oppo finder an astonishing gadget of the present times. The handset is getting great popularity all over the world’s mobile phone market. Several importers are trying to import huge shipments of the Oppo finder.  Those who are not aware of the Oppo finder’s thickness must know that this wonderful handset is only 6.65mm thin. So, you can carry it anywhere without any botheration or keep it in your pants’ pocket with great ease.

It really does not matter whether the Oppo finder holds the title of world’s thinnest cell phone or not because its durability is beyond comparison. A recently taken test has proven the real sturdiness of the Oppo finder. Would you believe that a cell phone can pound a nail into a hard board? Most of you would deny this fact. Well, I was also amazed to see this incredible video in which a user pounds a handful of hard nails into a wood board with the help of his Oppo finder.

The Oppo finder actually pounded a handful of strong nails into a wood board (2X4), without a single nick, scratch or crack. I know it is very hard to believe because no other cell phone has performed this type of job ever before.

The following video will demonstrate the astonishingly remarkable durability of the Oppo finder. So, check it out.


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