Sprint LG G2 Ready for Pre-orders, Shipment on 8th of November

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Sprint lg g2 now available for pre-orders

Are you still missing Sprint LG G2?

Here is good news for you guys. Sprint has finally started taking pre-orders for the hottest G2 smartphone. For your information, the device has already been launched through T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon last month.

You just need to pay $99 in order to reserve your piece before it comes available in retail stores on 8th of November. Sprint is a good network carrier and thata??s the reason why most people opt for it in order to serve their connectivity needs. However, there are also many other users who like to go for the other carriers as mentioned above.

If you are interested in getting a Sprint LG G2, then you will not have to wait anymore because the device is ready for pre-orders. You can go to their website, check out the deals available and place an order if interested. However, shipment might not be made before the next month as the device has been set to arrive on 8th of November.

The carrier should have been offered the G2 before others, but unfortunately it fails to meet the expectations of users. Finally, they are back again and started taking pre-orders to satisfy consumersa?? connectivity needs. The company will have to face a bit of discomfort because other carriers have already earned good profits by selling out the same product.

There could be a few users who stay with Sprint when it comes to purchase the LGa??s hottest flagship smartphone. There is nothing to worry about the shipment as you can opt for other carriers as they are already offering the device without any further delay. So if you need it before so long, then make an internet search and find your deal right now.

You will get the Sprint LG G2 with a free QuickWindow case if place a pre-order. Further details can be obtained from their official websites.

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