Samsung S3 Breaches Sale Of 10 Million Units

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Samsung S3In the beginning of its release, the Samsung S3 grabbed the attention of cell phone users from all around the world.

There are very few mobile phones in the market that can provide ultimate satisfaction to the users, and Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of those handsets.

This particular Samsung phone is easily available at affordable price. People like to purchase modern android phones without spending a large amount of money. That’s why users prefer to buy Samsung S3 rather than any other android phone.

Recently, Samsung mobile head, JK Shin, has reportedly said that the flagship Smartphone of the company, Samsung Galaxy S3, has sold over 10 million units worldwide. This is a fantastic achievement for the Samsung incorporation because this can be a record sale of any handset they have ever produced. Actually, the company was intended to sell more than 10 million units of Samsung S3 by the end of July, and they have achieved the target right away soon before the end of this month.

Samsung S3 dominated the world’s Smartphone market in the first week of its official release. It took start from its international debut in London, and later broke the territorial restrictions. In all the major countries of the world, Samsung S3 is establishing its worth by providing the best services and features to users. It might be possible that this handset dump the other Smart phones produced by other mobile phone manufacturers.

The news of Samsung S3 record sale is spreading rapidly all over the electronic and print media. You will be glad to know that the Samsung incorporation is very happy with the success of its flagship Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S3. Here I must remind you that the Samsung galaxy S2 sold its 20 million units in the first year of accessibility. On the contrast, Samsung S3 may reach this point soon after two or three months of its availability.


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