Samsung Galaxy S5 Coming on February 23?

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The much-awaited smartphone of the year 2014 is finally going to be released after one month. Sounds great, but still in the rumor mill.

According to the most recent reports, Samsunga??s giant flagship is ready to make its first appearance on February 23rd and expected to be launched in the following month, April.

samsung galaxy s5 concept

This must be the most happening news for Android lovers. Those who are enjoying the great features of Galaxy S3 and S4 must be looking forward the next big thing which is not too far away from now.

It is worth mentioning here that the news has come out from the person that had previously leaked S4a??s release date. According to him, Samsung is going to hold a a??pre-MWCa?? launch on February 23rd again in Barcelona.

So guys, get ready for the bang!

Are you still wondering about the release date?

Well, it is said to be sometime in April. The specs include new touchwiz which is among the most demanding features from users.

As per Murtazin, a??Samsung Galaxy S5 is a next step in touchwiz evolution.a?? Most probably the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 might also include Qualcomma??s Snapdragon 805. It makes clear that the next Korean flagship smartphone will be super-fast in performance.

You can check out the following tweets in order to see what Murtazin actually said.



Via: Talk Android


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