Samsung Galaxy S5 Coming to 150 Countries on 11th of April

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Finally moment comes when the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 gets officially announced. What does this bring along to make you feel awesome throughout the day? You must be hoping for something extraordinary to see at this mega event however. The good news is that the Galaxy Gear 2 will be fully working with the handset to give you a complete experience, at least enhanced usability as compared to the Gear 1 and Note 3.

samsung galaxy s5 unveiled

Those who have been keen fans of the S5 must be going to hold a party tonight for celebrating the launch of their beloved flagship phone. Do you think that there could by any crazy fan who dare to do such things? Let’s leave this in limbo as we can’t say anything for sure in this regard.

“Samsung confirms that its Galaxy S5 will hit the market shelves on April 11 in around 150 markets.”

It shows that no one will be deprived of this world-famous smartphone, not even Asian markets. So you should not be concerned about either this handset will come to your country or not.

As far as the US market is concerned, the newly announced cell phone will be available from your favorite cellular networks including Verizon wireless, AT&T, US Cellular, T-Mobile and MetroPC.

Online buyers should not be worried at all because the GS5 along with its new compatible gadgets will be available on all famous online retail stores including Best Buy, Amazon, Sam’s Club, Walmarkt, Costco, Target and RadioShack.

Phonse4U and Carephone warehouse will be serving UK buyers to get the Galaxy S5 without too much delays. The device is now hot on the heels and the day is not too far away when you will be able to get your hands on it. So keep your wallets ready to pay for the next galaxy.

Are you up to get one for you?

Via: Engadget


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