Samsung Galaxy S3 Launching unchanged on U.S. Carriers This Month

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 Samsung Galaxy S3

According to official secret sources, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be launched across all 5 American carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular and T-Mobile, starting this June. Price is expected to be from $199. This price is affordable for almost every cell phone lover. Reason behind setting such a lower price may be to make the Samsung Galaxy S3 famous among users.

You can say that the release of Samsung Galaxy S3 at lower price is an important part of Samsung’s branding strategy. Samsung is very hopeful for great publicity of Samsung Galaxy S3. With all the five carriers of the United States, users will be able to make best use of this gorgeous handset. This news is also very felicitous for all the five carriers of the U.S. as they can earn more money with the hottest release of Samsung Galaxy S3.

U.S. mobile carriers

Cell phone users have different preferences for carriers operating within the United States. Some of them are in favor of Verizon, while the others like to use Sprint’s services. Let me say that you can use your Samsung Galaxy S3 efficiently with all the five carriers. So, there is no need to get picky about any specific carrier.

However, if you have some previous bad experience with a particular carrier, then you should feel free to opt for another one. Well, Samsung Galaxy S3 has good features and appearance, and can give you perfect networking experience with any of the available U.S. cell phone carriers.



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