Galaxy Note-2 (Available In October)

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The Samsung Galaxy Note has done a great job

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

, but some of the users could not get perfect satisfaction from this handset. They were expecting more than they have actually attained. Some of the users have shown positive response to Samsung Galaxy Note, while the others have some

grievances in this regard.

Good or bad, the Samsung Galaxy Note was a great

hit as millions of users bought this gorgeous cell phone. According to a research, about 7 million units of Samsung Galaxy Note were sold in less than a year. The next hybrid Smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, will be out for sale in October. Cell phone enthusiasts are very zealous about having this upcoming creation of Samsung. They are expecting positive features along with other enhanced functions.

Here are the specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 2:• 1.5 GB of RAM
• 5.5-inch Display with 360ppi pixel density (1680×1050 Super AMOLED)
• 4G LTE
• 8 MP camera with enhanced image sensor and lens
• Exynos 5250 Dual-Core processor (it may vary from 1.7GHz to 2GHz)

Above mentioned specifications give a good idea bout Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This can be proved a groundbreaking gadget of this year’s last quarter. Let’s talk about the storage capacity of Samsung Galaxy 2. Well, no
thing can be said certainly in this regard. Samsung Galaxy Note came with 16GB along with MicroSD card slot. Reviewing this fact, we can expect at least a storage capacity of 32GB.



The great thing about Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the improved image sensor and lens. It means you will be able to get better quality photos unlike Samsung Galaxy Note.

Watch this video to revive Samsung Galaxy Note: