Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Benchmark Confirms 5.9” Screen and Quad-Core CPU

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samsung galaxy mega 2

The new big-thing Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 has been seen quite a few times in the rumor mill. This is why folks have come to know that the next variant of Samsung’s giant smartphone is not too far away from now.

The recent Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 benchmark adds more strength to the words of rumors and confirms that it must be coming soon.

Auspiciously, the latest benchmark reveals most of the hardware specs of the upcoming giant phone. Android fans who have been waiting for the features to be revealed should now start looking into the following gorgeous specifications.

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 benchmark unveils that the device will sport 5.9 inches touchscreen display with 720p screen resolution, Quad-core processor of unknown frequency, 2GB RAM, 8GB of internal storage, 8.0 Megapixel back camera and a gorgeous 5MP front snapper.

You should not be worried about the build quality because the company seems to be bringing a solid contour this time. Nothing can be said if the handset would be coming in a metal body or traditional plastic covering. This secret will be revealed upon the launch of the gadget. So you need to be patient in order to see what’s up next.

According to the so far leaked info, the upcoming mega phone is expected to be built around a solid profile which is a good thing to observe. People have diverse opinions regarding the release date, however, the Korean giant should not take too long to take the wraps off of the Galaxy Mega 2.


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