Samsung Entry Level Smartphone Prices Got unveiled

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galaxy ace 4 core 2 young 2

Many of us know only flagship phones launched by the Korean manufacturer. Well there are many other mid-range devices that you should be aware of. Samsung entry level smartphones give a wonderful user experience at an affordable price tag. So those who are not able to purchase top-notch handsets can easily opt for the ones with lower prices.

Samsung has just priced their upcoming trio of mid-range phones. You might get stunned to know that all three devices will be running the latest Android kitkat 4.4 together with a light edition of TouchWiz. Users must be aware of the fact that pricing details have not been out so for, however, company’s Netherlands site has revealed some great info in this regard.

They have suggested the prices to be €219 for the Galaxy Ace 4, €179 for Galaxy Core 2 and €99 for the Samsung Galaxy Young 2. The website has not exposed anything about the Galaxy Star 2 pricing. Keeping in mind that the GS2 specs are not that different from those of the GY2, the prices of both of the smartphones should be near to each other (i.e. $99).

As far as our opinion is concerned, the above pricing does not seem to be based on reality. This is because the popular devices like Motorola Moto G come with the same price and much better hardware specs as compared to the Samsung mid-range phones. It is predictable that the Korean company will have to decrease the price for their handsets before the official launch.

I would say the prices for the Samsung entry level smartphones are overstated, what’s your verdict?

Source: Samsung Netherlands


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