Purple Sony Xperia Z To Hit UK In April

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Sony Xperia Z has become a worldwide famous device within a very short period of time. People from different parts of the world like to purchase this striking Smartphone. The handset is currently available in white and black colors across the globe.

“Purple Sony Xperia Z is yet to be launched, and finally going to hit the UK in the early days of April.”

Those who do not like to get a white or black version of the Sony Xperia Z can now go for the hottest purple one. This will definitely suit your desires due to the chic and trendy look.

sony xperia z in purple soon in UKUsers belonging to the United Kingdom must be waiting for the device anxiously. Well, the resources have revealed that its purple edition would be released in the first week of the coming month.

Purple Sony Xperia Z does not hold anything additional, but carries the same features as its older siblings. So, there is no need to expect something extra from the upcoming handset. Let us make this clear that no official information could be obtained regarding the launch of new rich-colored shade.

The prediction above only relates to the UK. Therefore, users from other countries should keep patience until the device hits the store shelves in the great Britain. After that, their regions would be considered for the final shipment.

People are getting crazy about the Purple Sony Xperia Z due to its elaborating appearance. That’s the reason why everyone seems to be pretty curious about the launch of this enchanting Smartphone.

The company has received good outcome from the release of this lovely phone till now. The water-proof capability of the new Xperia Z makes it stand out of the crowd. Use it without any worries of water damage and start enjoying the real fearless android experience.

We will let you know once the purple Sony Xperia Z becomes official in the UK.



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