Phone Strap 2 – World’s Lightest & Smallest Handset

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phone strap 2 world's lightest phone

Getting the world’s most lightweight phone must be one of your top priorities. Finally, the Japanese have made the Phone Strap 2 that weighs only 32 grams.

The world’s smallest phone has dimensions of 32mm x 70mm x 10.7mm and we have not seen a cell phone with such a little volume.

The Japanese have invented several fantastic gadgets for the modern users. We would not be wrong if declare this nation as the pioneer of the Smartphone industry. They introduced the concept of Smartphone for the first time globally.

A Japanese handset Producer Willcom claims to produce the world’s lightest and smallest cell phone. The Strap phone 2 is made of the combination of plastic and aluminum. The users can enjoy the basic features of a cell phone with this small invention.

The strap phone 2 provides the basic facilities such as email, calling and text messaging. If you use a cell phone for these purposes, then this particular handset can be very constructive for you. There is no need to carry large and bulky phones because they are always a big burden.

The cell phone is available in attractive black, pink and white colors and you can select any of them as per your requirements. The availability of this particular phone in three different colors helps users to select their favorite shade easily. It is equipped using just 1-inch monochromatic LCD Display with a perfectly functioning interface.

Producing such a wonderful device is not less than a great achievement for the Japanese manufacturer. Soon you will be able to purchase this lovely device.

Moreover, there is a portable built-in antenna to pick up stronger signals and radio frequencies. The Phone Strap 2 offers up to 2 hours of talk time and about 300 hours of the standby time with the help of its 400mAh battery.


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