Pantech Verse (U.S. Cellular) – Review

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Compact slide-up Pantech Verse is a QWERTY messaging phone with astounding design and comfortable, quick keys. Beautiful keys make it quite different from today’s touchscreen android mobile phones. People, who find it hard to type the text on touchscreen, will surely like to have this kind of messaging phone.

Few users have made complaints against limited battery timing of this cell phone. Other cell phones of modern times support a longer battery life. That’s why people are moving towards mobiles that have extensive battery timing. One other bad thing about Pantech Verse is its medicore camera. Moreover, it has a smaller headset jack that is often very difficult to connect with.

The cell phone also resembles to blackberry but its color and slide-up makes it dissimilar. Cute design of this gorgeous cell phone can add a great charisma to your personality. So, look fashionable and type fast with this pretty handset.

Finally, if you love to type the text, you will surely find Pantech Verse a useful phone according to your requirements. Texting made easier with this U.S. cellular. On the other hand, people looking for quicker data options and high-tech features may not find it suitable cell phone to satisfy their needs.



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