Orange San Diego – The Future in Your Hand

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Orange San Diego
The orange San Diego is the upcoming cell phone in android world. Several android cell phones available at present and they are providing best utility to consumers. However, orange San Diego would be the first Intel-based android Smartphone of UK. It was first called Santa Clara. Orange San Diego may bring a great revolution in the world of android handsets.

Orange San Diego is carrying 1.6 GHz processor (Intel-based), 16 GB internal storage, Android 2.3 and 1 GB RAM. This cell phone is not actually coming with ICS. However, an update is expected to be delivered by September. Orange San Diego will be available in monthly and pre-paid plans for the Orange customers. So, it must be affordable and offer a good user experience.

I know no one can say anything certain about the reliability of a cell phone, unless/until the one uses it. You will be happy to know that Orange San Diego is going to be released today (2012-06-06). From now, people will be able to get this Smartphone for their personal usage. It is expected that Orange San Diego will grab the attention of mobile lovers from all around the world. Well, especially people of the UK would be highly appreciated to have such a speedy and stylish cell phone.

Here are the specs of Orange San Diego:

• Android 2.3 operating system
• Internet memory of 16 GB
• 1 GB or RAM, 1.6 GHz (Intel Atom Z2460)
• Weight only 4.13 ounces
• 4.03 inch color LCD display (1024×600)
• 8 MP of camera with auto-focus LED
• Micro USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, HDMI

Can orange San Diego satisfy contemporary networking needs? Well, this will turn out soon after a few units of this cell phone are sold in the market.