Oppo’s Finder – the World’s Thinnest Handset

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Cell phone users want to have something unique and astonishing in order to impress others. Oppo, a Chinese cell phone maker, is going to release its world’s slimmest handset this June. So you will be able to have an ultra-slim phone in the coming days.

This slimmest handset, known as Finder, produced by Oppo has thickness of 6.65 mm. you will have to accept that this is going to be record-breaker of slim mobile phones available in the history. Formerly, Huawei was claiming to have the slimmest gadget (Huawei Ascend P1) of the world but with the arrival of ‘Oppo Finder’, they have been proved false.

Ultra-thin device of Oppo is going to hit the stores in less than a week. The Finder is thinner than the Galaxy S2 at 8.45mm, the Droid RAZR at 7.1mm and the iPhone at 9.3mm. Variance in thickness among these cell phones may be minor but this is enough to make a big difference.

I must tell you that Oppo Finder is not an imaginary cell phone appearing on the prototypes only, but this device will be obtainable for pre-order on 6th June. Features of the phone are no less than the handsets that are presently available on the cell phone market.

This video can give you best explanation of Oppo Finder’s thickness.


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