Oppo Find 5 Specs Officially Revealed

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Oppo Find 5

A few weeks back we came to know about the world’s astonishing cell phone, Oppo Find 5. However, the specifications of the product were not exposed. Finally, now you can know about the features and Specs of this gorgeous phone.

The company started an exhausting, hype-building and mesmerizing campaign for this magical phone. This was all done to grab the attention of users toward Oppo Find 5. All the users have been waiting for this gregarious and stylish phone.

You may not get surprised after having a look upon the find 5’s specs because they are not very extraordinary. Without going into further details, I would like you to know about the specs.

Oppo Find 5

Full HD Display lets you enjoy using the features and watching videos. Corning Gorilla Glass 2 is supporting the screen and makes it sturdy and brawny. 16 GB internal storage allows you to store a large amount of data including videos, apps, games, audios, pictures, messages and other documents. There is no additional microSD card that can support extra storage.

2GB RAM makes your work easier as it provides the facility to operate your device at high speed. You will not have to come across any difficulty due to the speedy performance of Oppo Find 5. NFC, DLNA, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi add more to the friendliness of this Smartphone. Get connected to the internet or share data with your loved ones using the perfect connectivity options.

Here comes the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean which is a breathtaking addition for the Android lovers. You can take pleasure in using the modern mobile operating system. 2500 mAh battery keeps your phone alive for hours without interrupting other functions.

Now, let me wrap up with remarkable Pro S4 1.5 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon CPU. All these specs make the Oppo Find 5 a competitive device of modern times.

Get further information from Opp US website.


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