Motorola will charge $50 for Moto X Wood Backs

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Moto X Wood backs for $50 each

The Moto X has become one of the most hyped devices of the current world. It holds some of the most exciting specs and features that other phones might not. There are many important reasons why the smartphone is getting famed with every single passing day. The most important thing is the companya??s innovative ideal to customize this gadget. Yes you can now add your imagination to make the Moto X more beautiful and dazzling.

a??It turns out that Motorola will be charging $50 to get the Moto X Wood backs.a??

Remember, this amount will be apart from the original price of the handset. If you like to have an innovative and original wood back, then you need to pay $50. It is difficult to believe that Motorola is offering a sum of 504 exclusive color combinations to choose from.

According to the analysts, the company is getting Motomaker prepared in order to facilitate wooden backs. This has also been unveiled last month when the product was unveiled. Now a quick peek on the Motomaker web page shows that wooden backs will cost further $50 to every user who wishes to purchase the phone. Moto lovers could get angry on this because it really doesna??t make any sense to charge an extra amount.

There might be some Moto X wooden backs fans who would never mind to pay this frivolous price. However, majority of the users criticize on this new thing revolving on the internet. This new addition of price could be somewhat off-putting for the entire Android community. Nonetheless, we are still waiting for the official words and will let you know once the price tag appears on the companya??s website.

Whata??s your opinion? Do you consider it a positive step taken by Motorola?

Source: Motorola I Via: Android Police

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