Motorola Moto X Penny Test Drive Started Today

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moto x penny deal

Motorola wants to see its worldwide famous Moto X smartphone in the hands of a large number of users. That’s the reason why company is starting a wonderful promotional campaign for the handset. Yup, you get a chance to customize the Moto X through the Moto Maker Design Studio.

The fun has started from today June 9 and will last for two weeks via in-home trial.  The test will allow many users to enjoy the features and functions of the device through the Moto X Penny test. This is a quite easy way to   be familiar with what the handset has to offer to its customers.

You can tray all this in just $0.01 and Motorola has reminded us back through its twitter post saying “Your chance to take #MotoX for a test drive is almost here.” The fun can be your’s for just a penny for the next two weeks. How anything else can be more productive than this particular marketing strategy? Hopefully, Motorola can grab more sales out of this campaign.

Those who are interested in the deal can visit Motorola’s official website to try and then buy. You can start trying the new Moto X costume right away. The deal will lasts until the stock is sold, and we don’t know how many they have left in the warehouse.

This sort of trial can give you a better idea about whether the device is capable of serving your needs in the right way or not. Are you ready to try out the Moto X penny deal


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