Motorola Moto E Finally Shipping to US

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motorola moto e now shipping to US

Motorola has been in the Smartphone industry rocking with its some of the most inspirational devices including the Moto X and the affordable Moto G. The Google owned company wants to do more in the specified tech arena and that’s the reason why they love to come up with new devices time and again.

After the great success of its affordable Moto G, the company now brings its Motorola Moto E officially available for just $129.

The device has been available on the manufacturer’s website for purchase and those who placed orders for this particular product has started receiving it now. One of the customers has just received the device fully packed with its charming packing.

Those who missed the chance should not be embarrassed at all because they can still place an order. The handset is still available for purchase on Company’s website, so all you need to do is simply head to their website and place an order right away. The product should reach you without any further delays.

There are different things making the new Motorola Moto E a catchy pack for users, however, its affordability grabs the most attention rather than the other features. So if you have been looking for a reliable and affordable smartphone to be in your pocket and serve at the times of needs, then the Moto E should be a good candidate for your budget.

We are not sure about the delivery period and that’s why cannot say anything for sure.


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