Moto G and Moto X Banned in Germany

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moto banned germany

Today we have a bad news for Moto lovers in Germany, you might feel irritated either. Don’t be too much stressed because such things have now become a part of the tech industry. Recall Samsung ban in the United States.

Germany’s Mannheim Regional Court on July 8 found Motorola to infringe on patent held by the LPKF (a German engineering firm) in regards to the antenna design approach used in the manufacturer’s Moto G and Moto X smartphones.

This is the cause why Moto G and Moto X banned in the region. Users who are crazy about these particular devices must be feeling bad right now as now they won’t be able to get the device anymore. Anyhow, this ban could be taken off once Motorola succeeds in providing a reasonable evidence of their innocence.

As a result of this patent infringement, Motorola has been asked by the court to pay damages to LPKF. On the other hand, the Google-owned company has issued the following statement on its behalf:

 “Motorola has taken steps to avoid interruption in supply or recall issues by using components from an authorized source in its phones that are currently shipping.”

This makes it clear that Motorola must not experience any sort of disturbance by the patent defilement issue.

The Moto G and Moto X banned because they both said to have antenna elements similar to the German engineering firm. We are hoping this banned to be taken off as soon as possible so that users can get their desired smartphones without any disappointment.


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