LG Optimus GJ – A Quick Review

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LG has recently released another waterproof device known as Optimus GJ and it is a water repellent version of the Optimus G. The device can withstand within 1 meter depth of water for 30 minutes. A removable back panel also adds more to the modifications of this particular phone.

optimus gj review

Additional microSD card slot has also been added to expand the memory. It is powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core processor to provide a fast processing and seamless web browsing experience. a fantastic 13MP primary camera allows you to capture 1080p videos on the go and you can take pleasure in true graphics with its 4.7-inch HD-IPS LCD panel display. The graphics have also been augmented by Adreno 320 GPU.

Although all the features of the Optimus GJ are great, yet its water-resistant capability is the best among all. Just imagine you can take quality pictures even under water. This is a wonderful option for those who often like to be near water. The device has dropped support for NFC antennas and FM radio because this would create problems in making the phone fully water repellent. If you like to use substantial storage on your phone, then the added 64GB microSD card support will be advisable.

As far as the user interface is concerned, it is still Android 4.1.2 with the Optimus UI v3.0. The handset looks great and can serve the Android users in the right way without making any blunder. So you can use it for your personal or business needs as it holds a large storage capacity along with many interesting and useful features.

What is your opinion about the Optimus GJ?


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