LG G Flex Coming to Korea on 12th of November

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lg g flex releases in Korea

Ita??s been quite long since we know about the LGa??s upcoming flexibleA?smartphone. People from all around the globe like to see this innovative product in their neighborhood. However, now you will not have to wait for so long because the device is on the verge.

a??LG G Flex is hitting the store shelves in Korea on November 12.a??

So this is the official release date for the Korean fans. They should get ready to spend the bucks on the purchase of LGa??s hottest flagship handset.

The Samsung Galaxy Round, on the other hand, seems to be ready for the competition. This flexible-type device is available in some regions with the limited availability. So you might have to face difficulties in getting thisA?smartphone. Nevertheless, the Korean giant seems pretty conscious of the restricted availability and thata??s why making efforts to make it available in most areas.


LG G FlexA?is not only for the big guns of the city, but those with a bit good budget can opt to purchase this stylishA?smartphone. Here I would like to make it clear that both of the aforesaid devices are different from each other. LGa??s phone owns amazingly flexible body with lovely screen and even a curved battery. The entire machine runs on a Snapdragon 800 chipset, but brings a little bit lower resolution of 720p. These display characteristics might not be up to the standards for big tech giants.

It is being said that theA?LG G FlexA?will enter into the international market in a different way. They manufacturer promises to release the device in China, USA and Europe as soon as possible. So be ready for the next big thing which is not too far away from now. Check out the source link below to get the most out of this news (only if you know Korean).



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