LG G Flex Coming to More 20 European Countries in Feb

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LG G Flex side

Different manufacturers launched a variety of innovative products in the year 2013 and there is a lot more to come in this year. LG G Flex is one of the most happening devices unveiled last year and users had a great desire to own this wonderful handset.

LG seems to be pretty serious in making their flexible display famous across the globe. That’s the reason why they have decided to bring the LG G Flex to more European countries. Users in these regions must be feeling curious to see this giant curvy smartphone that has shocked the world.

I would not be wrong if declare LG as the trend setter when it comes to display innovation. The company has created dozens of stylish smartphones with giant classy touch panels. For your information, the LG G Flex has been scheduled to release in the United States in 1st Quarter of 2014. Though the flex made a stunning entry, yet the company aims to bring up something more attention grabbing.

Now the company claims to introduce this lovely phablet in 20 more European countries in next month, February. By introducing this product in Europe, LG must be targeting large customers because low-end lovers might not be able to put up with a high price tag. It is good to see that such sort of technology is now being spread all around the world.

So if you have are in Europe and still missing the LG G Flex, then keep your pockets ready to get one as it must be reaching soon.


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