LG Finally Releases Nexus 4 in India, Available for $475

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Nexus 4 16GB

Indian Nexus 4 lovers have been waiting for the device to be available in their region for a long time. Finally, LG makes an official announcement regarding the release of this far-waited Smartphone. The Nexus 4 India launch is a little bit delayed, but finally the wait is over.

We have come to know through our authentic resources that the Nexus 4 finally lands in India. This time LG has taken this good initiative instead of Google. If you wish to get this phone as soon as possible, then reach the retailers selling the product.

You must be getting curious to know about the price tag under which the Nexus 4 India version would be available. Well, LG has set $475 which equals 25,999 in Indian currency. This is very interesting for the entire android community to see the device available for such an attractive price tag.

Nexus 4 India

However, the price could also be a little bit unfavorable for those who were expecting it to be a little bit lower than the set price. You need to keep in mind that LG is currently selling on the 16GB variant in the Indian market. On the other hand, you will have to wait for some time if need the 32GB variant.

This is a good arrival for the users who have been desperately waiting for the Nexus 4 in their Homeland, India. The device has got a wonderful esteem from all around the world and especially in the U.S. market. We have seen that it was sold so quickly on the Google Play Store and we often saw a??Out of Stocka?? heading there.

If we compare, the famous LG Optimus G is also somewhat identical to the Nexus 4 in accordance with the hardware and the price of the former is 32,990 ($603). It means the Nexus 4 16GB variant is far inexpensive than the Optimus G. Let us know by leaving your text below if like to buy Nexus 4 India version.


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