HTC Rezound to Get ICS Update by July 29th

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HTC Rezound HTC Rezound owners have been looking for the latest android operating system updates for many weeks. It’s time for the HTC Rezound users to get excited because their device is about to get the latest Ice Cream Sandwich update by the end of this month. A secret source has disclosed that the HTC Rezound is expected to get android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update by July 29th.

The document reveals that the update must be about 292MB in size. So, you should ready to receive the update by making your Wi-Fi connection clear. HTC Rezound ICS would be able to serve its users in a better way. There may be some of the HTC Rezound users who have been expecting for the jelly bean update. Well, it is better to first break the android 4.0 barrier so that HTC Rezound can make its way clear to android 4.1.

HTC Rezound review is available on most of the internet sites from where you can get sufficient information about the credibility of this phone. I suggest you to check the original reviews that can give you an obvious idea about the functioning of this handset. There may be some chances that the information regarding ICS update is totally fabricated. However, we should be aware of the latest updates in this regard.

Specifications of a Smartphone play an important role in making it meaningful. It really does not mean that the significant aspects of design and style have been ignored. Both of these features are necessary to possess for a successful Smartphone or tablet. Similarly, HTC Rezound specs can reflect a good view of this device in front of users.

Again we remind you not to rely on this update firmly because nothing can be said certainly about the authenticity of this rumor. Keep in contact with us to know about further updates.



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