HTC One Mini and One Max set for July

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HTC One Mini release date

It seems that soon we are going to see some new enchanting devices as the introduction of an HTC One Max and HTC One Mini is expected later this month. Astonishingly, the German carrier O2 aims to provide the yet announced phones in July.

Fans of these HTC devices must be very happy to hear this wonderful news. We have been hearing rumors of both a larger and smaller version of the HTC One experience for some time. Finally, they are going to make a big splash expectedly later this month.

German O2 phone list

According to the reports, the company will announce these two smartphones in the upcoming weeks. After the introduction, international users will be able to select from a couple of new options available through their wireless carrier.

There is not too much noise about the expected arrival of the above two phones in the United States. Nevertheless, the larger model appears to be available through a local provider. It would worth mentioning that there will be no major events of mobile conferences for the announcement, but HTC will prefer to announce the HTC One Mini and One Max through simple press releases.

Therefore, users will not be able to become attendees of any mega event. Worried about how would you be notified? We will let you know once these phones come out in the market and become available for sale. So you must stay connected to us and follow the latest updates on Facebook and Twitter.


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