HTC One Max Red Shows Up in Taiwan

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htc one max red in taiwan

HTC has previously launched a red version for their standard flagship smartphone for the year 2013. After the regular edition, now it ita??s time to bring up another fantastic offer. Yes, it has just turned out that the company is planning to launch an HTC One Max Red version for its fans.

The big version has brought about a wonderful revolution in the smartphone industry. People are quite pleased to see the biggest phablet from the manufacturer. If you wish to enjoy the enhanced viewing experience with a drastically increased screen size, then getting the HTC One Max can be very useful. With the newly arrived color option, users have another great chance to mesmerize their tech senses.

A famous Taiwanese carrier, FarEasTone Telecommunications, has unveiled that HTC is preparing to release the HTC One Max Red soon. The new hue will soon join the rest of the color options that are currently available.

Please be informed that the presently available colors include black and silver. Though we have come to know about the red version, still we are hoping for the new ones like blue and pink. Hopefully, company will be working on these too in order to grab more customers from around the world.

We cannot say anything for sure about the availability of the upcoming HTC One Max red. This is because source has not revealed anything in this regard. It is worth mentioning that first the device with new red paint job is available in the Taiwanese market and later expected to be launched in the rest of the world. So get ready for the hottest device with a large display.

If you live outside Taiwan, then be patient and wait until the company makes an official announcement regarding international release of new color variant.

Source: FarEasTone

Via: Talk Android


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