HTC One Max Official Branding Comes Up

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Do you know about @Evleaks?

You must bea??

This is because we get inside leaks and tweaks from this insider every second day. HTC One Max buzz is on great hype nowadays and people are curious to know about this mega phablet. Well, it seems the device is not far away from now because @evleaks shows its official branding.

htc one max logo leak

After a huge success of the HTC One, the company launched its compact version known as HTC One Mini. This was for those users who do not want to carry a standard version of the handset. However, there was a need for a bigger version for those who wish to get their hands on a phablet like edition of HTC One. Thata??s why the company confirmed an HTC One Max which is a big variant of companya??s flagship smartphone of the year.

Let us remind you that the handset has not been shown off officially. Nevertheless, now you can see the official branding of the mobile phone which has leaked through evleaks. Expectedly it will come with everything that an Android lover likes to have in a modern day device. It will come with a larger display size for sure, at least bigger than the standard phone.

There is nothing innovative in the branding, but HTC keeps it simple as its previous ones. The only thing added this time is the a??maxa?? in a subscript. Some people had thought the company would emphasize the term a??MAXa??, but it turns out to be a minor world instead of a big one.

Most users expected the HTC One Max to be announced at the last IFA event where another famous phablet from Samsung was revealed. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the release. We will let you know as soon as company makes the HTC One Max as its official product.

Source: @Evleaks I Via: Phandroid


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