HTC One Max Leaked with 5.9-Inch Display

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Are you stilling searching for the HTC One Max (HTC T6)?

If yes, then you have reached the right spot. A fresh image of the most anticipated device has been leaked online. The product looks same when it comes to appearance. However, you must be ready to get trousers with big pockets because the One Max has a gigantic size of 5.9-inch.

HTC One Max

According to the latest rumors, the HTC One max will have a monster 5.0a?? screen. Evleaks has just leaked a stylish image of the smartphone through its Google+ account. The company has enjoyed huge profits via its flagship HTC One. Due to the excessive prestige received from the customers, HTC considered it necessary to extend its a??Onea?? lineup.

They manufactured HTC One Mini which is a compact version of the flagship handset. Those who cannot put up with the standard version can opt for the smaller one. In this way, the manufacturer increased its sales volume by satisfying the customera??s need directly. Now ita??s time to target those users who like to use modern-day phablets.

HTC One Max is actually a bigger sibling of the standard edition and it holds a 5.9-inch big multi-touch display. Those who do not feel comfortable with either of the previously launched two models (HTC One and One Mini) can select the larger version. Actually, HTC has done what it said. The company has been suffering from consistent losses during the last few years.

They get succeeded in getting back the peak sales volume because of HTC One. Now it seems that everyone has just fallen in love with the a??One devicesa??. Thata??s the reason why the maker is about to release the HTC One Max. The latest leak via evleaks tells that the device is still in the works and will be out soon.

There is no specific information available about the price and availability. Keep checking back our blog regularly in order to get the right updates.

Source: Evleaks via G+


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