HTC One M7 Update to bring Sense 6.0 in May

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The Taiwanese manufacturer has successfully released their latest flagship known as HTC One M8 (2014 edition). The product has received a wonderful esteem from all around the world. This overwhelmed welcome might disturb those who own the previous version of this world-famous phone.


Anyhow, you guys are not required to be concerned in this regard anymore because the company is now going to serve the predecessor owners with the latest HTC One M7 update that might hit the notification bar in May.

Users must be eager to know what new comes with the projected update. Well, this is exactly what you guys have been screaming out for since launch of this smartphone. Yes, the much-awaited Sense 6.0 is accompanied by many other goodies. So this is going to be a large treat for fun hungers.

If you are looking forward the HTC One M7 update madly, then try to be patient at least until the next month because this upgrade won’t go live before the upcoming month. The new Sense 6.0 is not of frivolous importance as it contains things that are worth using for the HTC users.

It seems the HTC One M7 update will not be hitting your phone before the last week of May 2014. This is why users should be patient in order to get the timely update without any further delays. The UI has been groomed up to give stunning user experience along with ease of navigation.

Some of the mess things are being taken away in order to refine the user interface in a distinct and better way. One thing that stands out as prominent is the flat user experience that gives easy swaps through home screen. Keep your desires up to check out the new sense color themes.

You will be informed when the HTC One M7 update makes it way straight to your device.


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