HTC One Gold revealed for the European Mob

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A?Gold HTC One now on the go

HTC One was initially introduced with some of the most exciting color options. They were great to see because of their attractive hues. However, there must be some people waiting for the next level variant which is none other than HTC One Gold.

Finally, the manufacturer has presented a fresh gold shade for their flagship smartphone. The company has not unveiled anything about the pricing and availability. It is worth telling that so far available color options include blue, silver, red and black. Luckily, now there is another handsome addition of the HTC One Gold.

This particular model was in the rumor mill for last few months, but finally comes up with an elegant couture. It is going to be available for the entire European market. There are chances that the device might come through some specific carriers operating in the European countries. It will not surprise us anymore even if the gold version comes via any alternative channel.

Aside from the facts mentioned above, we have got something really interesting for you guys. The Finnish retail carrier, Gigantti, lists the HTC One Gold for a price tag of a??625 with a shipping date of December 12th. Please be informed that the previously mentioned price equals $845 in the United States.

So if you are there in US, then expect to own the upcoming glowing handset for $845. Hopefully, this wona??t be a problem for fans as they have been waiting to see this particular variant for several months.

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Source: HTC I Gigantti


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