HTC One Camera Update Enhances Image Quality

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We are all waiting for the HTC One to be available in different regions of the world. The camera performance was not pretty good when we first took our hands on this lovely Smartphone. Well, the company has updated the HTC One camera with a software update in order to improve its camera performance.

Let me inform you that this handset is particular known for its camera featuring ultra-pixel technology. The users were expecting a lot from its high-tech camera. The company has made it clear that the issue was not related to the hardware, but it was a software default.

The excessive noise on images forced the developers to ponder upon. Appreciatively, HTC has selected to fix the problem in the hottest software update. The issue in HTC One camera is now resolved for the betterment.


As you can see from the images above that there was a mere but huge difference in the picture quality. According to the recent news, the HTC One is now running the new version of software and providing the better sharp results as compared to the previous one.

The new software update brings a great improvement in the image quality. The new captured image is sharp from its edges and finally provides a better result as expected by the users.

The issue was about the quality of the image at ISO800 and now it is fixed by adjusting the quality level to the desired level.

I must say that the HTC One can give a tough competition to any good quality camera phone or even digital camera. If you want to enjoy the best photography experience, the HTC One camera can be a good choice.

You might have got upset after listening to the news of camera issue. However, there is no more need to be concerned regarding this matter because the picture quality is just super now.

Source: hardwarezone


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