Galaxy S4 Zoom Camera Samples Leaked Out

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We have been hearing about the Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S4 Zoom for the last few days. The most prominent thing about the rumored phone is its top-notch camera with zoom lens. However, we cannot say anything for sure whether the handset is with zoom lens or it’s a simple new Galaxy Camera.

The Galaxy S4 Zoom camera samples have been leaked on the internet and show the fantastic capacity of this Smartphone’s camera. The mobile phone has been certified by the Samsung for its Bluetooth certification body.

We are curious to check out the amazing picture quality provided by the Galaxy S4 Zoom camera. Some of the people say that S4 is included in the name just because of marketing purpose. Well, there could be something special for the users in this device.

galaxy s4 zoom camera samples leaked

The camera samples have been leaked out by a person named, Shahriar Hossain, who allegedly works at Samsung Electronics Limited Bangladesh. As far as the originality of the picture is concerned, it seems original at first glance. Nevertheless, nothing can be said for sure until the device becomes available in the market.

This recently leaked camera photo sample has interesting EXIF tags. The model name is shown as SM-C101 and this is similar to the name mentioned by the Bluetooth SIG. Nonetheless, we are keeping an eye on the further information regarding the Galaxy S4 Zoom camera.

Besides the camera quality, there are many things in the Galaxy S4 Zoom that can deliver you the best. Now users wait for the moment when this recently appeared device would become available for purchase. Well, you need to be patient until Samsung announces the official release date of this camera phone.

Though dozens of camera phones available across the globe, yet people believe in quality ones. So Samsung is to deliver the new Galaxy S4 Zoom camera with an extensive array of tidbits.


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