Customized Moto X Might Hit Sprint on 11th of November

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Moto X is one of the most exciting smartphones of the current year and it comes with a variety of interesting features. One thing that makes it more entertaining is its ability to modify itself. Now you will be able to get the customized Moto X which is coming at around 11th of November. So this is really something that you might have been waiting for so long.

The customization feature was sure to be added when the Moto X was first announced. The device was initially available solely on AT&T, but remained available for a limited time frame. However, now Sprint seems to be quite active to offer the customized Moto X.

It is expected that the newly-flavored smartphone will be coming out on until the next week. So now the party is not too far guys!

Moto x desgin studio

A leaked snapshot from the internal Sprint sources have indicated that the Moto Maker will be coming with a variety of customization features. So you don’t need to get embarrassment due to the unavailability of your desired modification. Try the best clothing over the Motorola’s this year’s flagship and be different among your friends, but don’t be an envious friend.

The upcoming customization tools are not pretty much different from those that we already know about. So there is nothing to be concerned in this regard. The things will include memory, color, boot animations and also the pre-loading Google account info. What we couldn’t see on the list is wooden back and custom engraving options that were on hype at the beginning of this year.

As far as my prediction is concerned, the bulleted point “accessories” must contain something surprising for the entire Moto X community. So why not to be prepared for this? We are keeping an eye on more tidbits coming out of the box and will let you know soon.

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Source: Android Central


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