CES 2013 – Tablets and Smartphones

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 CES 2013 – Tablets and Smartphones

Consumer electronics show of the current year 2013 is held on January 8 and comes to an end on Friday January 11. This international fair was full of prestige and charisma. All the announcements made in the event especially regarding Smart phones and tablets were fabulous. CES 2013 has astonished the modern electronic consumers due to its enchanting and attractive things.

The event is over now and its right time to know what was astounding in it.

Here I am going to list the devices that have made a big splash at international customer electronics show.

  1. Sony Xperia Z & ZL

 Sony Xperia Z & ZL

As far as the most incredible Smartphone of CES 2013 is concerned, it could be no one else except Sony Xperia Z and its sibling Xperia ZL. Both of these handsets were announced during the event and surprised everyone. ZL’s big, stylish and capacitive TFT touch screen add more to their exclusive charm. It is projected that both of these marvelous devices would meet the consumer’s expectations in the best way.

“They are expected to release in March.”

  1. Huawei Ascend D2

 Huawei Ascend D2

No question about it. Huawei Ascend D2 offers a 5inch 1080p display along with a fascinating 13 megapixels camera. Its high speed processor, 1.5GHz quad-core, makes it speedy and efficient.

3000mAh battery lets you enjoy sustaining entertainment experience. Also you have the opportunity to take pleasure in multiple other goodies while using such a fabulous phone. So, this meticulously crafted phone is ideal for everyone.

  1. Vizio’s Tegra 4 tablet

 Vizio’s Tegra 4 tablet

Now, it’s time to amuse the tablet enthusiasts. Tegra 4 tablet from vizio having 2560 & 1600 pixel display along with project shield of NVIDIA delivers the ultimate satisfaction to all of its fans.

You must bear it in your mind that it’s more than just a tablet.

All of these devices would hit the marketplace possibly in the first quarter of 2013. So, get ready to grab your favorite one.

To know more about CES 2013, click here.


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