Blue HTC One Hits the Web

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blue htc one

Blue HTC One has been the most happening device of the current year. HTCa??s flagship smartphone has rolled over the world and has millions of users from around the world. The device has been launched in a couple of attractive hues including Red. Now the Blue version of this particular handset comes out on the internet and looks awesome. Evleaks has leaked a fantastic image flaunting the new colored device.

As far as the sales of HTC One are concerned, the company is enjoying high profits through peak sales. However, they aim to keep the existing sales volume constant so that the future profits can also be maintained in a proper way. Thata??s the reason why they are launching new attractive color shades time and again. Not only the appearance, but the rest of the tidbits are also very gorgeous. You can check out the complete specs and features of HTC One in our one of previous posts.

Different carries operating within the United States will be offering the Blue HTC One as soon as it gets official and becomes available for sale. Leta??s hope that your favorite carrier also offer the product in order to make you feel happy. You must be feeling excited about the release of this stunning color shade. Well, all you need to do is to simply keep patience until the company makes an official announcement for this exotic handset.

A few days back, the Google Play edition of the handset have got the Android v4.3 Jelly Bean which is an outstanding achievement for the users. Similarly, some other versions of the same device have also obtained the updates for the improvement. Red HTC One has recently been out in the United Kingdom and there are thousands of fans for this shade. However, the most important thing is the availability of Blue HTC One.


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