Black Optimus G Pro Now on Its Way

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black optimus g pro coming soon

The LG Optimus G Pro was announced in February and was launched earlier this month. However, the device is rarely available so far. The Smartphone was available in white color so far, but now LG turns the page and brings the Black Optimus G Pro.

People have been waiting for the black version of this stylish device since it made an entry in the marketplace.

“According to the LG official Facebook fan page, the black Optimus G Pro will be released “very soon”.

It means you will not have to wait for so long in order to grab this device. In fact, the black Optimus G Pro looks pretty decent than the white one and has texture on its back which is similar to the Nexus 4. It would be a wonderful opportunity to have a Smartphone like famous Nexus 4.


Meanwhile, the company has released a value pack update for their G Pro. This particular update brings Smart Video feature that we saw in the Samsung Galaxy S4. With this particular feature, the video playback pauses when you do not look at the screen.

Almost every user just loves the Smart Video feature as it brings a great convenience into one’s life. This is a new thing that we have not seen in any other device before. The latest value pack involves dual-camera shooting (for pictures only), pause & resume video recording, enhanced camera quality & call performance.

Everyone will desire to use such convenient features on their Black Optimus G pro.

“You should know that the value pack date is currently available for download (over-the-air) and weighs around 86MB.”

So make sure you have sufficient space free on your device in order to install the latest value pack update.

Are you ready for the Black Optimus G Pro?

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