AT&T Moto X Getting Android 4.4 KitKat over the Air

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Using the latest Android operating system is on top priorities for the modern day users. Thata??s the reason why everyone is screaming out to get this as soon as possible. Though people have different sorts of devices must be waiting for the treat, but Motorola wins the race to grab the update first.

You will be glad to know that AT&T Moto X Android 4.4 KitKat update is on the go and most users have reported its successful arrival.

There is a lot of interesting and useful things with the hottest upgrade. If you have been coming across some kind of unexpected issues, then ita??s time to get them resolved. No worries, you wona??t have to do many efforts. All you need to perform is to download the new OS version if it is being shown on the list/notification bar.

Motorola has itself announced that all the AT&T Moto X will be getting the latest OS update today without any hassle. So there is nothing to worry about it as you will not have to waste a lot of time in doing something really hardworking. Believe it or not, the Motorola has become very respectable in the eyes of its fans. This is all because they have arranged the hottest upgrade for their users.

It is a bright day if you are on AT&T and holding a Moto X smartphone. Although there are many prominent things to mention about the recent update, yet we would like you to have a birda??s eye view of the tidbits that you might be interested in. New tasty morsels include an enhanced phone dialer, drag to expose and focus feature, more gallery goodies, Color Emoji, New hangouts app and a lot more beyond your expectations.

So keep your phone alive and stick eyes on the screen so that the update notification can never be missed.

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